Dieting Vs Weight Loss

weight loss with diet alone

One of the biggest issues long term or yo-yo dieters face is that they really want to lose weight – and they really DON’T want to diet. Sadly we’ve been trained by the multi billion dollar diet industry that you have to do one in order to achieve the other. I beg to differ. By exploring how diets work, as well as why they fail, it’s possible to understand how long term weight loss can occur easily and effectively.

Quick vs Slow – Diets sometimes effective offering almost instant results – perfect if you need or want to look fabulous in that all important outfit on Friday evening. Not so perfect if you’re having to starve yourself in order to achieve it – it’s unsustainable for more than a few weeks at most.

Weight loss is slow and gradual as your body adjusts to changes in foods, energy levels, metabolic rate and ultimately a reduction in weight. If you want to fit into that Friday outfit again in two years time – lose weight.

Deprivation vs Satisfaction – Diets are all about depriving yourself. Whether it’s food you love to eat that you’re ‘not allowed to’ or foods you hate to eat and ‘have to’, diets restrict you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Weight loss is about satisfying yourself. Whether it’s about feeling good as the weight comes off, really savoring the foods you love to eat, relishing in not having to eat foods you loathe or even just enjoying knowing that you’re in control of your own food and your own destiny.

‘Follow the rules’ vs ‘Make up rules’ – With diets you have to stick to the rules, if you don’t you’re a failure. Well, actually, you’re not, but you think you are, and are frequently encouraged to hold onto that belief in order to change your behavior.

Weight loss is about making up your own rules to create a system that is easy, effective and works in the long term. It doesn’t have to work for anyone else, it just has to work for you.

Difficult vs Easy – I don’t know about you, but I’ve NEVER done a diet that I found easy. Diets are hard work, stressful and demanding in so many ways and on so many levels.

Weight loss is exactly the opposite – once you believe it is. Small, effective and easy changes to your lifestyle are still the single most effective way to lose weight, okay, not by Friday maybe, but for the a change in behavior that you can manage, sustain and enjoy.

Temporary vs Permanent – Diets are temporary fixtures in many people’s lives based on the need for a short term fix to a potentially long term problem. They rarely create long lasting behavioral change.

If you alter your attitude and actions towards food you will create a habit. If you are careful these new and positive habits will stay with you for life and permanent weight loss is not only possible, but also easily achievable. Hypnotherapy is perfect for helping you create, and stick to, these new and positive behaviors.

Weight loss is about changing your habits for the long term, not because it will help you look good, but because it will make you feel good too, physically, mentally and emotionally. Whatever your requirements, whatever your desired outcome and whatever approach you take is entirely up to you.  You will never be the size and shape you want to be without taking some action.

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