Atkins Diet – A Solution To Carbohydrates Craving

Getting fat is not only because of over eating especially over consumption of carbohydrates. There are also other causes such as tension and stress. These conditions lead to over consumption of foods high in carbohydrates. Another cause for carbohydrates craving is the dehydration. Thirst may sometimes be interpreted by the brain as hunger. These conditions result to the production of the hormone cortisone by the adrenal gland. One of the actions of this hormone to stimulate the production of a chemical in the brain that invokes carbohydrates cravings, also it promotes the production of insulin which leads to excess fat storage. With the fast paced lifestyle and the many factors causing stress, it maybe impossible for anyone not to get fat. However, Atkins diet helps to remedy the condition of carbohydrates cravings. Following this diet plan puts eating patters into balance while eliminating carbohydrates craving.

The founder of this efficient diet plan, Dr. Atkins revealed that the physical trigger of carbohydrates craving is one of the manifestations that carbohydrates craving is real and you should be concerned to get away with it. Aside from following the strict Atkins diet plan, getting away from carbohydrates cravings totally needs also your discipline and will power. Maintaining a high protein, low carbohydrates diet needs a firm commitment. With the many fast food chains and enticing high carbohydrates foods, it is really very difficult to overcome carbohydrates cravings. This condition is similar to getting addicted to something. An induced hunger for foods high in carbohydrates will be experienced which will later on lead to a greater feeling of the need to ingest snacks foods, sweets and starches.

Following the Atkins diet helps you eliminate carbohydrates craving. Though you may feel some cravings still during the induction of the diet plan, which usually happens at the start, but it will only be for a brief time then the craving feeling becomes less and less as you progress and accustomed to eating protein-based diet. This diet plan is centered on protein and fat as your main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. Eating small amounts of protein rich foods every time you feel the craving for carbohydrates can help you do away with it. Going hungry will not correct the condition. It will just lead to low blood sugar levels and again make you crave for more carbohydrates.

The fight for carbohydrates craving is really a tough one. Following an Atkins diet does not only constitute the solution to this problem. It also needs your commitment and firmness to consistently implement the diet plan. Self discipline is also one factor conquering and eliminating carbohydrates craving. If you do not have these yet, then even the diet plan which is known to be very effective cannot help you resolve carbohydrates craving.

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